Soluz, Inc. supplies and finances PV products through its subsidiary social enterprise SOLUZ HONDURAS, S.A. de C.V.  located in Honduras, Central America. Soluz Honduras established in January 1994 is a pioneer in advancing PV technology in Honduras.

Based in the main industrial city of San Pedro Sula, Soluz Honduras supplies PV products to two main markets:



Since 1994 SOLUZ Honduras has supplied "off-grid PV" products and financing to serve households, enterprises and public facilities (schools and clinics) in rural areas that are not served by the ENEE the national electric utility. Read more »


Since 2012 based upon the significant decline of PV costs, SOLUZ Honduras has supplied "grid-tied PV" systems as well as battery based back-up power systems targeting social institutions (NGOs, schools, orphanages, etc.), small businesses and residences. Read more »